Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where the hell is that violin from?

Sometimes in our mad pursuit to get you(the people) the best, most up to date news on what we(Local Natives) have been up to, we have failed to let you in on a little four string wonder who is a part of Local Natives. Enter Amanda Violin.

Amanda Violin is a radical tubular girl with a dump truck of talent to play violin tucked under her chin. She's a babelicious babe who's smile and stage presence can make a grown man cry....and that's a good thing. If any of you have gotten a chance to listen to our new album then its obvious to hear that her playing is just as much a part of our sound as anyone else in the band.

Among her busy schedule, Amanda was able to come out and join us in NY and I think she's making her way to Vegas as well. Back at home she is a regular part of our set so if you're craving those beautiful strings and you missed em this tour, then get on git to LA to catch a home town show!

Amanda if your reading this(as I'm freezing my ass off in Chicago)thank you for everything and I'll see you at the craps table. I'll be the one up to my neck in hundred dollar bills and surrounded by the "Can Can" girls from the Flamingo:)

Local Natives

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