Saturday, January 10, 2009

I love the beer in Cincinati

If you have ever wondered "Where can I find a legit burrito in Cincinnati? I don't want anymore of this watery salsa or avocado paste bull shit! I want the good stuff that I can find in California." Enter The Comet. The Comet not only is a great little venue/bar but also has some tasty local beers along with homemade burritos which pretty much sealed the deal.

Somehow I had a giant brain fart and forgot to give a giant thank you to Rocky, Ryan and Nigel for the pasta and playtime in Nashville. Thank You!

Local Natives


Raymond Richards said...

MMMMM, Beer and a sausage party.
Keep it real babies!
-Papa Bear

xo, cat said...

That beer case is a sight to... well, you know.