Thursday, January 15, 2009

DC is Arlington. Arlington is DC

Two places, two separate good nights and yet somehow in my head I keep feeling like DC is Arlington and Arlington is DC.

Arlington faced us with our biggest challenge thus far this winter tour: If we could finish the keg of Raven Berry Ale then we could drink anything we wanted for the remainder of the night. Done and done! Maybe thats why I left my laptop there and had to wake up early and drive all the way back to venue to grab my laptop and have a cup of coffee with the lads who worked there. Thank you to Julia.

The rumors about DC were true. Beautiful on the outside and crawling with the smartest bum population in America on the inside. (Young homeless man)"for seventy cents you can own your own cd of me Mr. International which includes 70min of unrehearsed rap and hip hop straight from DC! Support local artists....come on man.....can I just bum a cigarette then?" Thanks again to CJ for helping us out.

Local Natives

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