Sunday, May 16, 2010

The World News Video

*more pics from the video HERE

Conversations commenced, debates were introduced and in the end World News was picked to be the next song to be treated with moving pictures. The one and only guideline we had etched in stone this time around was that we wanted to be hands on with the entire process.

As a group we had a window of two weeks back in LA before leaving for tour again. These fourteen days would be our box for finding a director, getting a treatment in and then shooting the entire video. We had tried our hand at working with Matthew Lessner for our last video, but given each others schedules and time constraints it was never meant to be. This time around however, we were able to cross paths and meet in Malibu for a day at the beach.

The treatment itself was loose. Anything from beach babes with Dolphin Tits, to creeper water fur creatures, to sibling fist fights were spit up during back and fourth idea driven treatment emails. At the conclusion we were left smiling with..."a lost vision of a privileged group of eccentric's picnic at the beach after casually downing several bottles of cough syrup".

Everyone met on a perfect day on a perfect beach in perfect Malibu, CA. The "Ghost Band" had already been up since 6am marching and lip syncing. I remember noting that they all were wearing one incredible earring which reminded me of my Uncle Roy circa 1992. Taylor snapped on suspenders, Matt fitted his early baseball stadium concessions hat and Kelcey was forced to pick between either a red or purple bow tie. The only natural next step was of course to be greeted by a traveling pack of professional frisbee dogs. The love that was had between these dogs that white plastic disc would make any human green with envy. Camera lights quickly turned from off to red and soon we were all smiles and white bread frosting. Our good sport swimsuited close friends somehow found themselves knee deep in a baby pool of Gatorade. And while Ryan and I fed the beast, the others resorted to their inner sugar-buzzed 10yr old, banging sticks, throwing frisbees and forgetting about anything having to do with anything. There must have been something in the air...

Feel free to watch HERE and there are more pictures from the video posted HERE. Hoping you enjoy them as much we did.

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