Sunday, April 11, 2010

Snow Home Video

Snow is 9wks of overseas winter touring...

listen or watch below

Local Natives

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2nd SXSW

- First time repeat to the SXSW whirlpool

- 3 blow up mattresses who made best friends with 3 holes = 3 hrs of sleep each night

- 9 shows in 3 days. The best show was the one where we showed up just in time, made a couple of mistakes, crammed 6 six songs in 25min, laughed about someone's pedal failing and then haggled with the cop on 6th st. to let us pull the van in to load

- Finally got to hang out with three rusted cars from the 1920's, enjoyed early morning breakfast burritos and found photo companionship with a local stuffed man and his fake donkey

- Cold winds, sunscreen that wont soak in and burnt necks

- Hanging out at 3am in abandoned shopping malls, shrimp dogs and hangovers

- ...and finally 5 bestwursts dogs with curry ketchup, brown mustard, sauteed onions and a sourdough bun

We love Austin

Local Natives