Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tour thus far

I'm not sure if its the fact that we recently came off the soaked in feeling of playing three shows a day at SXSW or perhaps that I'm sick and have got the slobber of a bloodhound running out of my nostrils, but thus far the tour has been somewhat of a blur for me. That's not say that everyone else(minus me) hasn't been up to their usual mayhem.

Lake Forest- Started things off right with The Union Line and Voxhaul Broadcast whom we had already toured with recently. It was great running into a lot of familiar faces at that show and catching up. Nate from Aushua and I hung out most of night and discussed the ups and downs of band sets and vodka sodas.

Santa Barbara- The next night was in Santa Barbara at The Biko House. The best way to describe the Biko is a local art college commune that had an art bomb go off inside. Really great feelings all around at this place. We literally played in a decorated garage with about 100 kids crammed inside. I remember sweat, a lot of sweat. Being the self booking whizzes we are(in a satirical sense) our first day off was day two of tour in Santa Barbara. We were staying up late and wondering from house party to house party looking for some new people to meet and a place we could crash. Matt, I, Sadie and Tulani some how spelled out JOOJ with our bodies in a haze and that become the theme of the night. "You don't know what JOOJ is?...J, O, O, J come on man!" I have no idea what we were talking about but it made complete sense at the time.

Monterey- I surprisingly have never been to Monterey. I used to travel a lot at my now prior job(had to quit bc of the band) and never had visited this beautiful northern town. Upon arriving we were quickly snatched up in all the best ways by our new booking agent. We proceeded to the local Herb Witch doctor and she filled our belly's with Kombucha and my head with yellow horse pills. Her heart is the size of a bowling ball and there's enough positive energy coming off of her to attract the population of the next town over. We were lucky enough that Kelcey's girlfriend's parents lived about 45min north and proceeded to get spoiled with a large house to fall asleep at.

San Francisco- We parted ways with our touring friends for SF and were put on a bill with Bird Monster at Cafe du Nord. We were playing early and had to meet a girl named Jen to take some interview photos before our set. We rushed around the city flicking pics in the streets and in dog parks. Curious to see what comes out of those. Despite playing an early set there were a surprisingly good amount of people who showed up to the venue in time. It felt good to see that we were starting to make some new friends in San Francisco. The band was able to stay at our buddies Michelle and Dan's house. I must of fell asleep right in the middle of the party bc when I awoke I was surrounded by like 15 people at 3am. Forgot to mention that we had to be in Portland the next day by 5pm which meant we had to leave the house at 6am.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

World News Split

Wondering around 4th and Main Downtown L.A. We met some friends along the way.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preview of upcoming project

A preview of things to come.......sort of.....

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last night in the depths of Borhello

Ahhhh, so I just started crying like a 6 year old who just lost his favorite lego(ya know the pirate ship little treasure chest that you can actually put gold coins into?......yeah I had the ship) when I saw that I personally haven't done a post since SXSW. I have been out and about a lot since then and gotta get back into doing posts about stuff other than Local Natives. Until then however, you are just gonna have to bite down and bear it.

Last night we had a grand ol'time playing at The Bordello in Downtown LA. Its nestled right in between a Japanese Church and a bum's rusted shopping cart. It's an easy place to find if you have been living on the streets for the past year and know the Warehouse district of S. Alameda in Downtown like the back of your hand. In other words, there were quite a few people last night who came to me frustrated bc they couldn't find it. Luckily I had been to some shows here before and our practice rehearsal spot is just blocks away. Despite my smart butt comments above I actually really like how this venue is a little off the beaten path. Downtown harbors a lot of great venues/warehouses that serve as a perfect alternative when its time to venture out of the Echo Park/Silver Lake area.

I think it best to describe the Bordello as the house that a Vampire sold to a Haunted House Company that then sold to the Devil himself. This has nothing to do with with great sound, or nice bartenders or good feelings all around. Simply based on the decor alone which is pretty great and unexpected. While playing one of our nicer upbeat harmony songs I glanced over my shoulder to find a demon baby with wings and a crown hanging off the wall probably trying to cast an evil spell on me?

We played with new friends The Flying Tourbillion Orchestra whom now has a new lead girl which I thought mixed very well with the group. We also played with old friends The Union Line and Eastern Conferance em all. Thanks so much to Web In Front for sponsoring the show!

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