Friday, January 29, 2010

Home on wheels

This is our Van in Germany during the coldest winter in 20yrs

This is our "BIG DOG" driver Mark

This is Mark yelling at the cars ahead of us

& thats us

This is us inside the van. I think its my favorite band photo we have right now.

2004 Mercedes Sprinter Full-size Cargo Van -125k - $179000 (Local Natives UK/European Tour) Includes Driver

Date: 2010-01-29, 2:45PM EST
Reply to: Big Dog

GASOLINE--2004 Mercedes Sprinter Full-size Cargo Van -125k

Call NOW at 1-555-diamondgeezer
Visit us at:

Important information about this deal:
Comes with DRIVER!
No Big Dog Fee!
No Documentation Fee!
No Dealer Preparation Fee!
*******ALL PRICES ARE FIRM*******
All Pictures Are Taken From the Actual Car! All Cars Have a Dirty Title!
Cash or Finance Same High Price!

Arctic Tundra condition
6 cyl(has a hard time starting)
Power Windows that leak ice cold water
Leather Bucket Seats
No Radio (AM/FM)
No CD Player
TV including full seasons of Mad Men and movie classics such as Pans Labyrinth
No Air Conditioning
No Keyless Entry
No Remote Truck Lid

Our dealership is open 7 days a week. Please call our internet sales department at 1-555- BIG DOG for more information about this car. Free Airport Pick-up for the small fee of $500. All cars run great, drives excellent and are well maintained most of the time. All cars are sold with actual mileage and dirty title.

An Astra lighter and deck of cards I got out of a Hamburg vending machine. The deck of cards was half complete and the back of the lighter reads "Fur Puff Daddy und Puff Muddi"

On the left is the vending machine I bought them from

Seems to be a some kind of 'Foosball Shrine" found in the bar

A window display collection of Dolphin dildos found in one of many of the sex shops surrounding our venue last night in the red light district of Hamburg

The beautiful Square in Brussels

Never did we think we'd see these things or visit these places.

Local Natives

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We don't DJ

After two pints and three bar games of 'Video Match' Matt and I decided to jump on the tube and head over to meet Ryan at a place called the The Flower Pot. Ryan and James were spinning the ipod wheel there for the first time in front of more than just themselves.

Matt and I quickly came to find that the tube route we needed was closed. After returning to the pub to collect my lost scarf and grab some change, we appeared to be on the number 27 bus heading to the Pot. It was a Saturday night in the middle of London, which meant the streets were filled with crazys whom could slur us in the right direction. Three drawn out question and answers later, we were lost. Matt slapped on his cell and was told the club was just past the Pizzer Express on the left. That Pizza place didn’t exist in this part of the city.

We did eventually find the wooden ‘Welcome to the Flower Pot’ sign floating just above the surface of the sidewalk and upon entering were quickly greeted by many familiar faces…and it felt wonderful. We did the American thing and requested large ciders followed by shots of gasoline spiked well whiskey that someone over my shoulder had bought us. The current DJ was still playing which meant we hadn’t missed Ryan and his inauguration. My guess is, that it was around midnight when the Local Natives first attempt at “DJ” started to commence. Some people danced, some people didn’t, some of us stood awkwardly on stage, some didnt and some of us got a una-brow made out of blue sparkles painted on their face. For how the remainder of the night commenced, you'll have to ask someone else who was there. Cheers

Local Natives

Friday, January 15, 2010

Its cold in here


Trying our best to translate bad American television with French overdubs...

Reminded that "chips" don't mean "chips"

Drinking Champagne actually from Champagne

Sleeping in crumpled paper positions we didn't think possible...

Old Friends in other countries

Long underwear hiding underneath our jeans

Our UK/European Winter Tour has begun and I need to remind myself to take more pictures.

Local Natives