Monday, August 10, 2009

This is a Barnstorming Tour

So its already been a few weeks since we returned from our initiation into The Daytrotter Barnstroming Tour. We have been perspiring in our rehearsal studio everyday and and every night since returning. My finger tips are worn down to their nubs from writing new lines and my eye lids are barely peeled open. We also have to be back at Spaceland in 30min for our second August residency night. That being said I'll keep my summary of the Barnstorming tour short and sweet.

Middle America Mayhem was introduced to the Local Natives in all the right ways. The people in middle of nowhere Iowa and Wisconsin know how to throw a proper Barn Show. Thanks for showing us the ways of the 'Small Town Love'. Below are all tid bits of the actual barns that we played in, partied in, fell in, tripped in, yelled in, hugged in, kissed in and just did a shit ton of weird fun in.

This is all thanks to: Sean, Phil, Josh, John, Erin, Chelsea and Maria at Daytrotter, Kevin and Piper w/the cameras, Shoe with the sound goo and all the bands who joined us along the way.

Local Natives