Monday, June 14, 2010


The pound is my favorite coin in the world. I like that its the perfect size/weight and that it looks like Pirate Booty. I like our new Sprinter Van. It doesn't have a leaky roof and my knees have room to hold normal conversations with the other knees around them without feeling self conscious about being a 'close talker'. I like cider. Its like that fake sparkling apple wine you loved as a kid every Thanksgiving, only its available everyday and it has alcohol. I like Mark and Spencers. Mark supplies me with hummus and Spencer keeps me happy because we are broke and he is a cheap date. I like that its the World Cup. I say soccer you say football....we all say cheers and start chanting some old english pub song that I've never heard before but somehow already know all the words to. I like watching Borroca dissolve into a pint of water. I like saying festival. There's so many over here they have their own separate season right between Spring and Summer. Its called FesT..i...vAL season.

Local Natives

before (Isle of Wight)

after (Isle of Wight)

p.s. I finished the image at the top a year ago and never really knew where/when to use it until now. I think it applies well for the coming months.