Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last night in the depths of Borhello

Ahhhh, so I just started crying like a 6 year old who just lost his favorite lego(ya know the pirate ship little treasure chest that you can actually put gold coins into?......yeah I had the ship) when I saw that I personally haven't done a post since SXSW. I have been out and about a lot since then and gotta get back into doing posts about stuff other than Local Natives. Until then however, you are just gonna have to bite down and bear it.

Last night we had a grand ol'time playing at The Bordello in Downtown LA. Its nestled right in between a Japanese Church and a bum's rusted shopping cart. It's an easy place to find if you have been living on the streets for the past year and know the Warehouse district of S. Alameda in Downtown like the back of your hand. In other words, there were quite a few people last night who came to me frustrated bc they couldn't find it. Luckily I had been to some shows here before and our practice rehearsal spot is just blocks away. Despite my smart butt comments above I actually really like how this venue is a little off the beaten path. Downtown harbors a lot of great venues/warehouses that serve as a perfect alternative when its time to venture out of the Echo Park/Silver Lake area.

I think it best to describe the Bordello as the house that a Vampire sold to a Haunted House Company that then sold to the Devil himself. This has nothing to do with with great sound, or nice bartenders or good feelings all around. Simply based on the decor alone which is pretty great and unexpected. While playing one of our nicer upbeat harmony songs I glanced over my shoulder to find a demon baby with wings and a crown hanging off the wall probably trying to cast an evil spell on me?

We played with new friends The Flying Tourbillion Orchestra whom now has a new lead girl which I thought mixed very well with the group. We also played with old friends The Union Line and Eastern Conferance em all. Thanks so much to Web In Front for sponsoring the show!

Local Natives

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Sandra Joy said...

Great show last night. I told some of you natives but not guys seem to be getting better each time I see you. Definitely destined for greatness! I love Bordello, I've been there for burlesque shows but not for live bands...great sound there.