Thursday, January 15, 2009

Locals Natives took to the NYC streets!

Twas my not my first time in NYC but twas my first time playing in the big city. We had two full days and two full nights. One in the Lower East Side and the other in Brooklyn. For being known as such a "Stubborn Bitch" of a city, we were actually welcomed with big fuzzy warm open arms.

Our first afternoon was spent lallygagging on the "undeveloped" 7th floor of a radio station building in downtown NYC. Three hours of waiting for Voxhaul Broadcast to finish up a radio interview turned out to be an on the spot rehearsal. The open, unused room served perfect for 100% natural re verb. Fast forward to about 10pm at Pianos. Despite the ugly Pianos thumb print back drop, the sound, crowd and general feeling was great. The rest of night was recalled in late night pizza street fights, red go-go dancers and watches with lighters built inside them.

I can now see why the few friends I do have in NYC all live in Brooklyn. Brooklyn served me the best slice of "NY" pizza I have ever had and I am chicago style guy so that's saying a lot. Local Natives had a slightly earlier show in the backroom of Public Assembly which didn't seem to hurt surprisingly. Oh and if you are ever at Public Assembly watch out for the giant never ending pit at the front entrance. Rumor has it that giant rabid slugs live at the bottom.
The night concluded at a bar down the street called The Levee. We hung out with Bon Iver and a killer game of Jenga.

Local Natives

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HOJB said...

aw you put the picture of matt and i up. nice. im glad you guys had a fun time! -ashton