Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Orleans....a classier version of Las Vegas

There's truly something "magical" about New Orleans. The city takes all the best parts of Las Vegas(or vice versa) and combines it with real culture and art. I have to admit that I did not see any breasts flying rampantly nor did I black out on Hurricane and Hand Grenade sugar cocktails,but I think that is a good thing. We quickly ran into some locals and were welcomed in properly. Where else in the US can you find free jambalaya with $2 you call its?

It was truly a pleasure running into to you, Andrea, Nicole, Jeremy and Naomi. Thank you for your hospitality and say goodbye to The Chicken for me.

Local Natives

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Jeremy said...

sweet god did we have fun with you guys. our livers have healed and our brains are following. had a long, hungover and mildly psychedelic bus ride back from hattiesburg. what a weekend. hello's to all the guys. thanks so so much for partying with we us. been enjoying the record. holler in the future when you're around and/or in need of album art.