Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pittsburgh rhymes with Garfield

Garfield Artworks is a rad little venue/gallery that features all original artwork done by the popular comic cat Garfield. After our set I caught up with Garfield and he let me in on why he had left the spotlight for a chance to pursue art...
- Garfield, everyone's been wondering why you suddenly quit the comic biz and decided to pursue art in Pittsburgh?
-Well put. I noticed many of your pieces featured this evening smelled like cat pee. Were these actual pieces of art or did you just pee in the corner and near the entrance?
- I couldn't of put it better myself. I really think you are quite ahead of the game in the world of the feline art scene. Did you enjoy the Local Native's set tonight?
-Thanks for the time Garfield enjoy the rest of you night.

All around a great show and great place to play. I think there might be a chance that Garfield really didn't do all the artwork featured and I might have just tried to interview an alley cat that I saw outside. That fu*cking feline lied to me.

Local Natives

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[kelly] said...

awesome pictures! thanks for the posts andy