Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hattiesburg does not stand for Burg from Hell

Set the Scene:

Seventeen guys, two vans and one stolen giant red crayfish from Burger King hobbles into at the time "Unknown" Hattiesburg MS. My first impression was that one, the city was run by giant painted swans and two, that our party of seventeen was double the population.

It took us awhile to find the Thirsty Hippo. Within 15min of entering the venue I must say we were all pleasantly surprised. I can see why artists such as Dr. Dog and Feist have frequented this place. Provided for three out of town up and coming LA bands was a great feeling venue, a three bedroom apartment for us to crash in, free beer, great homemade pizza and a beautiful outdoor patio for smoking. The place filled out nicely with very nice people and the "Unknown" show turned out to be one of the best thus far.

Local Natives

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