Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Reveal

So I just got myself a delicious iced coffee from the nicest vendor in downtown LA. If you're ever in the Fashion District make sure and visit the vendor at 9th and Los Angeles St. in The Mart. Iced coffee for $1.50! and it doesn't taste like poop....always a bonus. As my eyes start to open and my hands start typing I must say it feels more like a Monday than a Wednesday. I have been out for the past few days on the road again(Local Natives) with some really great friends of ours in The Union Line. For some reason unknown I decided not to take that many pics of our shows and shenanigans this time around. The one featured above was taken by the one and only Saddie at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. Which by the way has an excellent Thanksgiving Crepe special going on. If your looking for a good gig and free food give Mark a call over there.

All in all our three day up the coast and back "micro-tour" was way too much fun. We played an average of two shows a day with an average of two hours of sleep a night in the form of hard wood floors and cruppled up sweater pillows.(Brit if your reading this thank you so much for letting us stay at your place the last night! We scooted out early and I didnt get to say thanks. Oh and by the way I think Tulani left here crepe out over night and I woke up to one of the worst smelling rotten garlic pussie green molded crepes ever smelled on the West Coast.)

Last night was our last show on the string at Silverlake Lounge with our school yard chums Voxhaul Broadcast. This was our "industry" show. In other words we had a few labels and what not come out to check out the show.(Paul-thank you for the Anchor Steam and Michael-Why did you leave early?) We played 7 shows in three days with not so much as a scratchy throat, a broken guitar string or a missing band member so it would only be fitting that the waterflow of technical difficulties would break the dam in one giant flood at our Silverlake Lounge show. Three broken amps and one broken voice later we emerged from an "interesting" set. I think my bass went from "too quiet" to "turn the fuck down" without me so much as looking at my volume knob. Its always hard to know when to admit and when to reveal about off kilter shows or human mistakes without being self depricating or too negative nancy, but we had fun as always and sometimes things go a direction you wouldn't expect. Somebody also donated a box of cookies to us at the end of the night which was really good!

Local Natives

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