Thursday, November 13, 2008

Price is Right

So we went on The Price is Right yesterday! Guess what fu*&king what!!? Our good friend Rachel got picked and made it to the Showcase Showdown. She didn't win but I don't think she really was in need of a new hot tub anyways:)

Word to the wise: If you do decide to partake in this show it is an ALL DAY event so bring your snack attack sack and plenty of patience.

ps. Drew is not as good as Bob. PLINKO!

Local Natives


Jon said...

Hey i saw you guys there! i won the special prize at the end. Anyways i remembered you guys earlier and said hi to one of you guys before we went in. But yeah you guys show play in LA again soon. you guys played a solid show with facing new york at the troubador. reall good show man. anyways good luck guys, keep it up

Local Natives said...

Thanks Jon! Small world