Monday, November 10, 2008

Local Natives New art

Monday Monday...La la...La la la la(is it even las?)

My weekend was good...not great, not bad but good. No complaints. In spite of nothing too crazy going on I figured Id give you a little inside scoop de poop on whats going on in the world of Local Natives.

NEw myspace up! So I have been working for awhile now on new artwork and general aesthetic for us and the first phase is now up and runinng. Matt described the style as "Crazy Creep Pop Art". I guess I can see that. The idea was to do something original while still keeping it "Local Natives" style. When you see artwork from us I wanted the listener/viewer to 1. Get at least a little idea of what our music would be like and 2. to entice thier eyes enough to make them want to look into us more.

The color sheme is borderline psychadelic. Lots of colors put together and washed out. Pastel reds and blues with grayscale backgrounds. Cut and pastey style artwork to keep it sloopy(which I love) with random objects and landscapes cut together to make just enough sense.

Matt designed the new tour poster which also plays into the new aesthetic. So well in fact that we used the Ostriches as our background. Tell me what you think?

In other news/gossip we are almost finished with a Talking Heads cover of 'Warning Sign'. Oooooooooooweiiiiiii it sounds good. We definetely made it our own and I can't wait to get it up. Due date most likely next week.

We are also working on a Christmas Song to be released in early Dec. This aint no "Jingle Bells" bullshit. This is the real deal. Its truly a beautiful song with lots of layers and something that will park your ass in front of a fire with a cup of rumnog and a smile.

Local Natives



steven said...

awesome, i loved last years christmas song from cavil can't wait for another christmas song

jd said...

love ur artwork, gotta admit in my first year of uni i copied n pasted some of ur stuff from ur myspace page for an assignment which i passed largely (100%) due to you.Ive been feeling guilty for while about that but i bought ur album off the net and got it delivered to australia as soon as it came out, litterally love ur guys music please come to aus soon thta would be my cubism dream on haloween.sorry for the lame ending.