Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here comes the Industry

I just remembered that I never posted our adventures in "The Industry" that happened last week at Nettwerk in LA. Through some good friends of ours we were asked to be part of a Marketing Music Industry event hosted by Terry Mcbride of Nettwerk Music(hes the gentlemen on the way too awesomely perfect flyer:). The idea behind the event was to take an up an coming band(us) and let a panel of "Industry" folks and room full of "Industry" friends assess our situation and make suggestions on how they could help us. The set up Instead of performing or listening to our music we were asked to put together a Power Point Presentation. Essentially a 15min business plan pitch given from an indie band. Being a recent college graduate we did our best and I must say it was pretty funny when we litterally met in our group the night before and rehearsed our secctions. University Marketing 101 eat your heart out!

For me it was a new, fun and weird expiereince. At the end of the day we are just a band that makes music. "Marketing tools" and "viral videos" and an "online precsence"... but to us its just a good cover song from an artist we love and admire, one of us filming one of many goofy-arse moments that one or all of us are involved in on the road or an overworked and overloved piece of artwork that I spent too many hours putting together and putting our name on. I met some really great and nice people that night and I told every single one them the same thing. Take this copy of our new album with you and listen to it because everything aside that is still what is most important to us as a band. I feel thankful that we have so many people and tools surrounding us and I hope that if you were there and you did grab a copy of Gorilla Manor(album) that you are enjoying it as much as we did making it.

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