Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soaked in Manchester

We have settled in, soaked some of it in and are readying ourselves for more. Currently being a rather large geek and spending my precious back stage time on the internet in Manchester. To my left is a beautiful and most likely ancient church. I am quickly reminded of how young the United States is compared to most of the world. Ryan is finally in a place where many of his favorite bands grew up and Matt is taking very nicely to his "prawn cocktail crisps"(translation: ketchup flavored potato chips). We are slowly but surely being integrated into this proper society.

Being that this is a tour put on by a major publication, we are all also getting our first lick of being interviewed. I think the majority of us still get a little giddy at the fact that people outside of Southern California are interested in us. Certain questions for new bands have to be asked. i.e. How did you get you started? Tell us about the album? etc. In the gut of us all we take what we create very close to heart and I can't say how many times we've been at our wits end trying to get a melody just right or yelling into each others faces fighting over a lead line or bridge. Yet with the monotony and repetitiveness it was interesting to see how lackadaisical we would get as the day progressed. Earnestness and tension are best and often served in our small rehearsal studio in Los we'll have some fun while away.

Off to Dublin and more. I have to say I am looking forward to a right pint of Guinness. Officially labeled "Picture Perfect Dublin Tourist".

Local Natives

pictured below is literally the scene I came upon when we opened our suitcase filled entirely of our "van made" cd's in London. I thought it was very fitting visually to the above blurp.

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