Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Close Quarters

Everyone keep close, very, very close. We are currently so far from home(just landed in the UK) and in many ways even farther from the ones we love. Yet I watch as all of us scramble and fumble to make sure that we stay close w/those we are physically farthest from. As a band we keep close to try and keep it honest, to openly communicate and to annoy the living hell out of each other. We pack ourselves into a blue tin box known as our "tour van" and find ourselves focused on sitting up straight and keeping equal elbow room. We cram and spoon each other onto one bedroom hard wood floors, crashing with old friends or running into new ones. We push our bodies into seats 34A-E and fight to fall asleep in airplane chairs that seem more fitting for a five year old leprechaun than a full grown human. I see each of our material belongings condense and deflate into a single carry-on and a computer bag. Ambian, laptop, cellphone, alcohol, hard drive and headphones are my new materialistic best friends. Without these I am a quivering, crying child.

We are all very new to this "closeness". Learning as we trip, bruise, pass out and stub our toes along the way...and it makes me smile. We should be so lucky that we are in such close quarters.

Local Natives


Sandra Joy said...

I happy that you guys are able to keep close & honest. I wish you guys success and patience so that you stay together for many years and continue to make such wonderful music.

Libby said...

Chin up fellows! Y'all are rad! Good luck, be safe, & see you stateside!