Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Update

Sunday aint joking around anymore.

Last night we got Airplanes played on KROQ Locals Only(thank you Kat and Union Line) and Camera Talk played on Indie 103.1 Check 1 2! If you guys follow my blog you know that I've been pushin for Check 1 2. Don't let anyone tell you that Garbage Pale Kids won't get you where you need to be in life:)

Saturday night was the Zero Film Festival in downtown LA. Sunday was Continental Room in Fullerton. Both very fun shows but someone stole my fucking purple cardigan at Continental Room! It was a really nice sweater and I'm pissed. Who steals purple cardigans? Whomever took it may they get stung by a thousand angry wasps and dipped into a pile of Elephant diahearea.

Tonight we got a free show at Silver Lake Lounge. We play at 945pm.

Local Natives

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