Sunday, December 28, 2008

Im Back!

I went on vaca not only from the band but also from OuttaSight. I am however sitting in Scottsdale, AZ at the Rogue Bar writing instead of socializing. I dont know if that makes me a hard worker or a complete nerd?

We just embarked on our 4 1/2 week tour. A bus fell through and a new van emerged victorious. I never liked buses owned by people who don't like us......I'll rephrase that to I never liked buses owned by people who seem to not like people in general:). We did get our hands on a nice midnight blue van and now we are off and running. Our first night at The Gypsy Lounge was very nice. Tonight I'd give it a solid C. I personally could hear myself very well on stage which is great as long a you are playing a solid set. The band was steady with a few little cracks here and there. Tomorrow is El Paso.....I'll let you know. Look at them pics!

Local Natives

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