Monday, October 5, 2009

Album Artwork





There is a little tail end on the album artwork so for sharing purposes only...

An idea is sparked somewhere in the think blob of the better known human brain. This idea soon sprouts a new think stem from which blooms a road map of new trails, rails and roads. Every once and a while we will focus and dwell, analyze and reanalyze this idea to the point of over inflation. The head throbs and swells like a belly breathing and suddenly your focal point is lost and bursts into varieties you can't recall. It's funny how this idea, this dream and this pursuit over time molds itself into an ever constant pressure to obtain what you've always wanted...and it makes you feel as if your head is going to explode.

With this atrocity in mind I headed out to Ralphs(supermarket) around the corner from our house to get some supplies. I had been really wanting to use meat in something for awhile so I knew I needed that. With the rest of the bits and chunks I tried to find elements that would apply to each one of our personalities. I could go into detail on why Taylor has foil in his head or why Kelcey has cottage cheese but I won't. White trash bags which were taped to the yellow tile floor in our upstairs bathroom. I had a pile of groceries, dirt, weeds, paint and a camera. Like a fool with a sleep mask on I proceeded to blop, drop and throw specific liquids and solids onto the flattened trash bags. For the broken skulls I supplied shattered bottles and broken melons. Cleaning the melon seeds out of my bath tub drain proved to be the longest part of the entire process. I thought a splatter logo would fit well enough with the rest of these piles created and the words were brought about with left over black paint. The layout of LN was based off the wolf poster we had.

The mouths on the back were simply my way of fucking with an image of each of us singing. I just really liked the idea of someone imaging those images when listening.

The inside poster was done by Matt. It was originally a random photo someone had taken at a party turned food fight at our previous house. All of us have always loved this image and thought it really captured the idea of "Gorilla Manor" in a nutshell. Notice how Matt is literally in mid air caught in the mayhem of flour, peanut butter, pasta, sugar, cereal and liquor.

Thats it. Hope you enjoy

Local Natives

Front Cover:

Back Cover:Inside Lyrics/Info fold out:

Inside fold:
Inside Poster:


bethany toews said...

I would buy this album even if it contained a kenny g cd. truly madly deeply, this is gorgeous. you gentlemanboys should be really proud of yourselves. I know I am.

Sandra Joy said...

I don't think I've ever been more excited for a CD to be released than I am about your debut. The artwork looks great, I love that you guys did it yourself. It's very creative and personal.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

So good to see really good design on the covers.

And thanks for a superb performance in Portsmouth last night. Sun Hands was incredible at the end - very moving. There will be a review of the gig on our blog tomorrow (Friday 9th) We tried to find you to say thanks after but couldn't find you.

Darragh said...

Looking forward to the record. Any news on when it is released. Ps. tour australia!

Lauralee said...

The artwork is amazing! So excited to see you come December (so far away) as well.

Jonk said...

Awesome. You guys are awesome. See you again next month. Bring your coats this time. Madison is gonna be cold.