Tuesday, October 21, 2008

People verses Cars

I have officially deemed October as the "People vs. Cars" month.

Monday through Friday I commute home from downtown LA to Silver Lake using side streets. Since Oct. 1st, my peaceful and relaxing drive home has quickly turned into a stress-case game of dodge the crazy street crossing people. Downtown LA is known for its "unique" blend of nomads, crack heads and well meaning homeless societies. It's no surprise to suddenly have a skinny muscle ripped 55yr old homeless man jump out in front of your car waving a styrofoam cup with a hole in the bottom at you and wondering why his change keeps dissapearing. But what I'm experiencing this month is a whole new level.

The air we breathe has been infused with suicide confidence. Nomads no longer step out in front of your car but instead run from lane to lane in heavy moving traffic screaming and jumping like a lost frog on speed. Elderly women will suddenly decide that the giant red lit hand they see means to cross the street immediately without looking anywhere but to their small cart of bundled clothes and cans for protection from the oncoming Honda Accord. A fixed gear bike can somehow magically create a protective force field that allows the rider to glide through intersections without hesitation. Those feet absolutely cannot hit the ground even if that means an oncoming vehicle has to slam on his brakes in fear for his own life. The best part about it is......these indestructible people are having fun doing it! They walk, run, ride and hobble without a care in the world and I am jealous. October is quickly coming to a close and I fear this secret society of happy anarchists will disappear. I wish to run free with them.

Local Natives
ps. Would love to know if anyone else is expieriencing this?

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