Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There are a handful of things in life that still can inject a no holds bar rush of sheer, immature joy into our hearts and minds. One of those is the feat of the Food Fight! 1 part 2am, 10 parts people, 177 parts fun juice and 1 part kitchen with nothing else better to do and you have yourselves the makings for the ideal food fight.

Creatures involved: Local Natives, Aushua and assorted friends.
Elements involved: Honey Nut cheerios, Flour, Sugar, Water, Pasta(both spaghetti and penne), Peanut butter and I believe some chips and sweat.

I like and live in LA but Orange, CA knows how to throw a mean food fight.
ps. Check us out in Costa Mesa on Saturday playing with our good friends in Aushua(pictured below)


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Priscilla said...

haha that is awesome.