Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two for the price of Two

All work and no play make Local Natives...something something. After spending the entire summer season on the road we have returned home for a couple of weeks to try and get our heads on straight. Vacation week one has now come to a close and my mind is filled with memories of sawed off b-b shotguns, milk and dry ice soaked fruit loops, girls dancing in their underwear, boys dancing in their underwear, glass shards in my pool, shark fins on remote control boats and pouring shots of whiskey with a family of raccoons. Either our heads have been twisted off like a butcher at a Barbie party or we have our fingers crossed that there are now two music videos in our back pocket. A trim here, a cut there and they should soon be done.

Local Natives
(video above and pictures below from the video shoots)

Milk Photo courtesy of Jim Brandon


Anonymous said...

"like a butcher at a Barbie party" love it.

Morgan, Hi! said...

Looking forward to see you crazy kids on Monday at Soho!
~Morgan (if you recall, y'all stayed at the apartment I was housesitting when you came through Santa Barbara many moons ago :)