Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Honey Home Video

Today is February 16th and today is the day that our first album has been officially released in our home country.

We shall celebrate with home videos.

Shot in three days before leaving for tour with my digital camera. Cut and sliced when I had too much time on the plane. Honey is not a music video and its not official. Honey is what leaks...

Local Natives


chris said...

I like it a lot.

britt said...

i'm delighted and terrified, all at the same time :)

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Back from La Maroquinerie...

I didn't know where i should write, so i found here (but i'll explore the blog tomorrow morning!)

Juste wanted to say something i was to shy to tell you when we spoke.
Me : "Could you write something on the CD?"
Taylor : "You mean a whole story?"
...Blah blah blah...
"Thank you"
"No, Thank YOU!"
...Blah blah blah...
"Really it was awesome"

Then, what i should respond was : "It was awesome, not because of all the french enthusiastic here tonight, but because WHAT YOU DO is awesome!"

It was a real pleasure to see you on stage tonight, i hope it's only the first of many times.


Awesome video.
I hope I'm not the only person who reads your blogs all the time and never comments, but I'm here to nag you guys to post more :D

maverick diva said...

that was a brilliant video!