Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I walked in on my dog dying. A hunch backed body barely limped up to my side rubbing her exposed rib line on my thigh. As I reached down to greet her, a set of white glazed eyes met me...and then looked right through me. This was not my dog? Where is my dog? I was only gone for a matter of days since last visiting my families house.

Time seems to have hit fast forward while we were having too much fun. As a band, we had just been through Colorado on our way out to meet up with Fools Gold/Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and now we were here again to play a show with them in Boulder. I felt like a fifth grade kid during the summer break. A whole season can seem like its passed in a matter of days and at any given point your not exactly sure what day it is or what the clock reads. It was a surprising and very grateful feeling to see that many of my home town friends along with most my family showed up to our Boulder show. This surprise has been consistent throughout each one of us as we crawled across the states. We have been having a lot of good times these past couple of U.S. tours and it was needed. Finding a balance between what we are trying to accomplish as a band/individual musicians and drawing on hotel walls at 5am in Portland is what my mind see-saw's over.

In reality we have been out playing in some form or another for about 3months straight now and I feel fortunate that amongst my summer break I was able to touch base and say goodbye to my first pet. I am currently sitting in my hostel bunk at 5am in the UK. We'll be here for about a week and then back home for the holidays.

Local Natives


Jana said...

Hey Ryan, I am Jana and I met up with your parents when my family was in L.A. My dad's Dr. Loh I don't know if you remember him from when you were living in Singapore. Heard from your mum that you guys are interested to tour Asia and Australia? I'm currently studying in Sydney, Australia and would love if you guys came to visit!

Contact me at janaloh@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dudes, those masks are so cool! Wish I could have taken some photos of you like that! Maybe next time you come around in the UK, yes?

Anyway lovely to meet you last week guys, I was the drunken interviewer (Italian old-girl) late in the evening.

Have a great Christmas and an amazing new year!


Sandra Joy said...

I'm sorry about your dog Andy. It sounds like she had a long life though.

I think Kelcey had the best expression with the mask out of the group.

mal said...

you guys are amazing<3