Thursday, July 9, 2009

Before the UK

Busy in all the right ways...

Its currently 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. In one hour I leave for another all day practice in our humble rehearsal hole in downtown L.A. Trying to cram in any and all last minute rehearsals before heading over to the U.K. for the first time in the band's history. After we run our 30min set into the ground, we run our 45min til its beaten to a pulp. We then quickly move onto writing new material...which has been moving along quite well. Excitement tangled with antsy met with a punch in the stomach is the best fit description of our mind set right now.

Our arrival back in the states is July 22nd and we shove our way into August with a Monday night(s) residency at Spaceland. For all the bands whom are confirmed to play w/us during August already, thank you. I know especially for our friends in LA bands whom have a great following, its always a bit sticky to jump on an early or late night slot. This band is very well acquainted with both of those set times and can relate, so thank you again. Really looking forward to these shows.

The album is being put through the polisher, hand waxed, rinsed, washed and then set out in the sun for a few birds to shit on, because none of us like a brand new pair of white shoes.

In the meantime I do know our song Sun Hands(along with a few others) is out there to download which is another track off the album. I'm pretty sure if you search Hype Machine you can find it. The Sun Hands 7" single will be out via Chess Club records on the 13th(ahhhh first time I'll see some of my artwork on professional print record!).

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Nick said...
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Nick said...

Hi Guys,

Great support gig for Of Montreal the other night. Spoke to Kelsey afterwards in the bar, glad the UK has been treating you well.
I reviewed the gig here

See you at Latitude!