Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sun Hands 7"

In the recent past, Chess Club was composed only of those whom are way too bored in the van on week three of touring, or to loaner nerds in high school who are now our bosses. In the case that we might still be living in our Mother's embryo fluid, here is the update that was whisper telephoned to my ear: Chess Club is now cool. This is why we are releasing our first 7" single with them in the UK. This is a very limited vinyl(I think 500 to be precise) pressing of Sun Hands w/Cards and Quarters taking home on the B side. I'd like to fit in the word "special" somewhere in this post.

HERE is the link to pre-order one. Release date is 6/7/09

Local Natives


Sandra Joy said...

Yes! more Local Natives Vinyl...

Pocho said...

Congratulations Local Natives!
I've written in your Facebook wall
Hope to contact with you soon
Regards from Argentina

Pocho said...

How can I email you guys? Here it's my mail:
I'd like to contact with you