Sunday, March 15, 2009

Local Natives and Richard Swift

If you know Southern California at all then you know there isn't a lot of quality all ages venues. Enter Yost Theater. In the mist of the Arts District in Santa Ana, CA in between two year old trendy lofts and the largest Ritmo in a twenty mile radius, lies the gigantic YOST Theater. Once a quality picture flick showroom that was run into the ground, this vintage gem has resurfaced as what seems to shaping up as quite the place for a live all ages venue. We were invited to play there last night with a very talented artist Richard Swift. The mans got true soul and the bass player can hit a falsetto harmony that would make Mariah Carey slip back into another bacon and frosting eating binge.

After load in I found myself enjoying the quite pleasant pairing of a Sierra Nevada mixed with making last minute ep's to sell at the show. I think we finished about 26 hand made Local Natives eps in all. We put a few new tracks from the up coming album along with our cover of Warning Sign by the Talking Heads. Our friends at Daytrotter were nice enough to give us two of the recent tracks we did with them in IL to slap on there as well. I think we sold em all and might not have eat $5 you call its at Subway now for the duration of SXSW. A truly successful night for Local Natives.

ps. Everyone in the Richard Swift band were some of the nicest guys we had met in awhile. I think Taylor literally peed his pants when he found out the drummer had toured with Sufjan Stevens for the past few years.

Local Natives

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Sandra Joy said...

I had to leave in the middle of Sun Hands, Alicia was sleepy. I'll have to catch Richard Swift another time. It was my first time to Yost and I loved it. It was a beautiful venue with great sound and I loved the fact that I could bring my little girl with me.