Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Story of the Box Seat

So I should've posted this a few weeks back but I'mmadoitanyway. The story goes: By some random twist of good fortune, my uncle (with whom I don't speak to all that often) calls me up and says that he has four tickets for the Feist show at the Hollywood Bowl that he can't use. "Do I want them?"..."YES!" He's says they are box seats, but having never been to the Bowl I'm thinking this means like far back but like separated from the common folk by a nice box with food and booze. Stoked out of our brains Kelcey and I head up to the Pacific Palisades to grab the tickets from him. Sammy and Amanda are gonna meet us there. He hands me the tickets as well as a parking pass that "Will get us right up behind the stage where they will valet the car".
Holy sh!t Kelcey and I can't believe our good fortune when we get there and true enough, we are waved up and up, closer and closer to the stage until we are right behind the stage. We tip the valet and are greeted by a host in a suit who makes it abundantly clear that we are guests of honor in a sense. I seriously felt like they were gonna figure out that Kelcey and I were just these two poor musicians parading around like we had tickets to this show, like we were some place we shouldn't be. Yet, the host made us feel very welcome and assured us we were in the right place. He kindly leads us to the section and all of a sudden we are walking in front of the stage with thousands of people looking down on us on our right. He leads us to a clothed table with four seats situated LITERALLY 6 feet from the stage! Only one other table is between us and the stage. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are killing it on stage! AMAZING! The sound is INCREDIBLE! It's me and Kelcey and tons of old white people around us. Amanda arrives with bottles of wine and the host brings us wine glasses. Sharon Jones is giving some speech about timid young men and looking right at me. She's like overflowing with sssssoul. Finally Sammy arrived and made the night complete as Feist walked on stage. By this time I'm eating a plate of spaghetti, drinking wine with my good friends and watching an amazing Hollywood Bowl performance like I'm sitting in someone's backyard. seriously one of the most amazing nights - once in a lifetime maybe? not if i'm lucky. turns out my uncle helped design the Bowl, so it figures he's got these thousand dollar seats right? crazy.

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Chad Cheverier said...

Taylor's mom told me that you guys changed your name, boy if i hear more from her about you guys then from you, we are well long over due for a hang out. lets take some photos