Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello Everyone and Everybody,

As I sit here preparing to leave for Project in NY I am realizing how many changes are about to occur over the next few months. This is all information that you will see, hear, feel and learn about in a major way in the coming months but I'm leaking some tid bits to outtasight exclusively because thats really one of major points of this blog.

We have been in the studio for the last two weeks with now good friend and recording guru Raymond Richards. So far so amzing. The new tunes remind me a lot of Animal from the Muppets swinging from the vines of a Brazilian Jungle singing in perfect harmony with the slew of apes who follow close behind him. I am working on some great new movies, print and online material that is going to be up soon. I think I'm calling it the Maniac Time campaign for the time being. Release date is TBA. Name is TBA. What I can tell you is this and only this: New Album, New Music, New-------(ill let you guess that one), lots of shows with our friends The Union Line, a few with our friends Aushua and apes...lots of apes. Keep checking back as I promise there are some grand changes around the bend.


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Media Reviews said...

hey guys..great news!..the Animal swinging image has me curious, disturbed, and laughing all at the same time :P

"Apes" favorite album of 2008 is by APES and Androids in fact :P

at any case, this news is great to hear. Thanks for the update!

-Kyle (SoundscapeMN)