Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alive or Dead

Right around week three everyone stops talking about touring and starts to reveal their inner geek. Its like spending the holidays with all the relatives you've only met through birthday cards, except now bitchy Aunt Betty is asleep and the rest of you are three cocktails deep and playing Yahtzee in the basement. The comfort of questions such as " So where is everyone from?" or "How was the sound up there tonight?" are now gone in the best ways possible. All of us have already had plenty of time to grow close with The Union Line. The two of us toured together on our first US run and its easy to get to know each other when there are less than 10 people at every show. The Love Language are the newbies of the touring train. Before spending the last three weeks together the only I knew about The Love Language was their music. I since have learned that BJ likes to free style flow in podunk San Francisco bars, Missy gives a mean haircut with Crayola scissors, Jordan plays a mean dance synth and Justin is only good at pool when he's not drunk(I won $10). Short story short, all of us have become friends. My first friends ever from North Carolina in fact. The Union Line will continue with us until NY but sadly we part ways with The Love Language tonight in Houston.

I have included two videos below. The first of which is the product of Kelcey's new 'toy' aka first digital camera. Among the chaos of what sounded like Mozart in our heads was the reality of a sloppy jam captured after a long night in Oklahoma. Its a good visual to go with the above words.

The second is our new video for Wide Eyes. We paired up with a wonderful director Cat Solen and continued on a somewhat gory aquatic adventure. Ryan sparked the idea of the land shark and we ran with it. Scene ideas were soon flying out of our mouths like fruit flys to a rotten banana.

Deleted Scene #1
Man sits at dining room table with parents and girlfriend.
Mom brings out the main course which is covered by a beautiful sterling silver handle top.
Dad grabs knife and lifts the handle top to reveal the sharks head
Camera cuts to main characters screaming face
Camera cuts back to Dad's arm now lodged in the sharks mouth and as mom trys to tear Dad free his arm is ripped from his body (blood spewing)
Cut back to main character's face screaming with sheer terror
Cut back to now Mom's arm is suddenly also being devoured by shark as Mom tries desperately to pull away

Deleted Scene #2
Man walks into house and immediately notices blood on his new white carpet
Man's eyes follow a blood trail to the foot of the stairs
As the eye follows the blood it starts to reveal the shark
Camera pulls back to reveal shark standing with a grin on his face and the man's pet dog's severed head dangling from his left fin.

Deleted Scene #3
Camera close up on a picture of the man's dog surrounded by roses
Camra Pulls back to reveal a funeral in progress
The man slowly walks toward the casket, doggy toy in hand as he wipes a tear from his cheek
Right before he reaches the casket a shark fin busts out of the top

In the end it really came down to that we didnt have enough money to pull any of these scenes off and hence they got the axe. Ill let Ryan tell you about the fridge scene. Budget was tight enough that even getting enough fake blood was an issue. Please take notice to the end scene where two liters blood I personally made out of corn syrup, food coloring and chunks of ground beef play a leading role. Hope you have as much fun watching as I did learning to make fake blood. Enjoy.

Local Natives
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